Pitch Count is King

By- Nick Richter

So that time of the year has come around again, everyone is excited to begin the new baseball season. As a ride or die Brewers fan I begin this season with hope much like many seasons before but in order to win consistent games at the major league level you need a strong supporting cast behind your pitchers or else even the best of the best will be made to look like a heaping pile of garbage on the mound.

This is where the Brew Crew’s defense enters in, they are a young group in the infield but as you reach the majors you should be able to make routine plays without a learning curve. This lack of routine plays to get outs impacts pitching not only in the present moment but it also causes pitch counts to rise and when that happens the bullpen gets dipped into early in games. This then causes relievers to be overused to the point that they throw nothing but meat leading to hit parades and long balls galore.

The offensive side of the Crew is strong but they still run into a lack of firepower when they are constantly being asked to score six to eight runs a game. This goes back to my point about pitch count being the king of baseball today. The Brewer’s starters have given (for the most part) great outings this past week but being forced to leave games early due to high pitch counts have affected the team’s ability to win.

Hopefully, the Brewer’s can get this issue figured out because I believe they have the raw talent to make a run for the wildcard. In the end, a postseason spot is a postseason spot and anything can happen in October. You just have to get there first.


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