Baserunning Blunders

By- Nick Richter

“And he’s been picked off” a saying I’ve become far too familiar with this year. It seems that between last season and this season Jonathan Villar has taken a large step back in not only the baserunning department but also with the glove.
I appreciate an aggressive lead taken in baseball because I believe that every inch matters in this game. A fraction of an inch can be the difference between a homerun or a double off the wall. It can also be the difference between an incredible catch or a base hit, but for the brewers and especially Jonathan Villar it’s become more than inches. Last night he was picked off second base by three feet and to throw some salt in that wound Ryan Braun was up to bat with only one out. Villar gets picked off leading to two outs and it erases a runner in scoring position with the Brewer’s best hitter at the plate. Braun ended up grounding out to second base and another threatening inning ends before it even gets started.
My hopes for the Brewers doing anything resembling a semi-successful year this year are being pulled away with every mistake they make. Winning games becomes very difficult when they can’t play a clean game without high school baserunning errors. Let’s hope Craig Counsell gets this team turned around because I’m beginning to find it difficult to watch. I promise not all of these posts will be bashing the Brewers but the mistakes they make are so basic and it is driving me crazy.


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