Jimmy’s Hot Start

By-Nick Richter

I’m back again talking Milwaukee Brewer’s baseball and today is actually a glass half full article. The slow start for the Crew this season has seemed to equal out with the Brewer’s winning their last three games. Jimmy Nelson Pitched last night and I must say with all the errors and pitching problems I have discussed this season already Jimmy seems to be catching fire.
Jimmy has started two games now and both of which he has been extremely productive. He has a 0.846 Whip which is well below his lifetime average of 1.379. I know it seems that the last few seasons Jimmy has started the seasons throwing fire but from what I have seen this year he is nearing his top performance level. From a man fighting for his job during spring training to someone who is averaging a strikeout per inning pitched is quite the jump.
This leads me into my next point if you average a strikeout per inning that only leaves two outs left for your defense to make. With the strength or lack thereof that the Brewers have on the defensive side, you put yourself and the team in a much better position to win. Overall if Jimmy can keep this up throughout the season I expect him to be the team’s win leader.
The bats have been there since game one and with the run scoring talent, the team has a playoff run is going to come down to pitching and defense. If those two key facets of the game can become smoothed out I expect the Brewers to make a strong run for a wildcard spot.pexels-photo-159524.png


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