Milwaukee’s Mr. T

By- Nick Richter

Eric Thames….WOW, what a monster week this man has had. The last five games the guy has slugged five home runs. He is now tied with Jeromy Burnitz for the franchise record for home runs in consecutive days. This is just my biased opinion but you probably shouldn’t pitch to this guy for about the next month or so.

   The Brewers took a huge risk going after this guy and honesty it could have been an absolute flop and I guess could still be. Doing a little digging before writing this article I found that the NC Dinos, Thames’ former Korean team got obliterated by the University of Arizona and also got beat by UCLA this March. Thames has been nothing but absolute fire in his second take in the major’s which ironically was the opposite from the pitching he was seeing in Korea.

   This man has been the complete package so far, on the defensive side he does exactly what he’s been asked and on the offensive side he hits bombs, combine that with above average speed and he is a threat that needs to be taken seriously.

   The most threatening part about him though is the beard hands down. Thames has a beard that will put a scare into even the most hardened criminals. If Mr. T played baseball he’d be Eric Thames. Hopefully, he can continue his absolute tear in the MLB and the Brew Crew can ride his power throughout the season.



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